AZ Public School Tax Credit


Little Red Schoolhouse - Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District

Magee Middle School - TUSD*


Open Doors Community School - Charter, Marana

Picture Rocks Elementary - Marana Unified School District

Sewell Elementary School - TUSD*

Public School Tax Credit Information:

How Much Can I Contribute?

The maximum amount you can contribute to the Public School Tax Credit is:
$400 – married, filing jointly
$200 – married, filing separately
$200 – single/unmarried head of household
You may give to more than one school, as long as the total does not exceed the maximum allowed.

Contributing to the Public School Tax Credit program is separate from and does not affect maximum contributions to the Working Poor or Private School Tuition Tax Credit programs. This is not a donation to Arts Express.

How Do I Contribute?

CHOOSE a school that has applied for Arts Express Tax Credit assistance
MAKE your check payable TO THE SCHOOL you’ve chosen.
WRITE “Arts Express Education Programs” on the memo line.
MAIL your check & tax credit form to Arts Express no later than April 15th to apply the tax credit for the previous year.

What is an Arizona Public School CTDS Code?
The Arizona Department of Education uses a coding system (CTDS) to identify Arizona public and charter schools. CTDS is a nine (9) digit number and stands for County Code, Type Code, District Code & Site Number. For the purpose of claiming Arizona's tax credit for contributions made or certain fees paid to a qualifying public school, you must provide this code on the tax credit form, in column (a), for each qualifying school you or your spouse made cash contributions or paid certain fees. For example, a public school with a CTDS code of 01-23-45678 would be entered (c) as 012345678 (do not include spaces or dashes). You may obtain the CTDS code at the following link: CLICK HERE

For more information, contact info or (520)319-0400

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