Arts education promotes healthy lifestyle choices among young people, keeping students in school and fostering the completion of a college degree.  As a result, arts education has a positive impact on student wellness and achievement – ultimately strengthening our community at large!

  • The opportunity to perform is a powerful tool to help youth overcome fears and experience success
  • Students at risk of dropout cite participation in the arts as reasons for staying in school
  • Arts education students score higher on standardized tests
  • Arts education engenders “habits of mind” that promote critical thinking and the ability to perceive subtle differences in qualitative relationships, skills which are prized in higher education settings

With over 30 years of service in Southern Arizona, Arts Express is dedicated to building a better community through the arts!  Through arts education and family events, programming is provided for people of all ages!

The mission of Arts Express is to build character, foster community and celebrate culture through the power of the arts.

Through the power of the arts, Arts Express unites diverse people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and income brackets as cast and crew as well as audience members.  With the support of donors and sponsors like you, Arts Express now serves over 20,000 people, including 2500+ students!  Ticket sales only support 45% of the total production costs.  The remainder is underwritten primarily through individual and corporate tax-deductible donation.

The Arts Express has gained a reputation for the quality of its productions. Excellence is achieved through recruitment and retainment of high caliber production team and cast members, involving professionals and students in a collaborative creative process.  Using Masters Classes, Cast/Crew Mentoring and Administrative Internships, these productions place the student elbow-to-elbow with professionals, providing a learning-feedback platform that connects the arts to the real world. Students work alongside professionals in both the rehearsal room and the administrative offices, learning problem-solving and leadership skills while gaining experience in all aspects of creating, producing, financing and marketing a show.  Eighty-six percent of Arts Express students need financial assistance to participate.  With your support, we strive to reach the under-served, so that EVERYONE can experience the arts’ life-changing potential.

We hope you’ll consider promoting your business at one or all of our upcoming events. Arts Express is a 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID 86-0941657). Your sponsorship will assure that Arts Express can continue to provide these top notch community theatre productions in a family-friendly environment.

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• 2500+ Students Served Annually • 18,000+ Annual Attendees • 45,000 Impressions •