Karen Wiese, Executive Director

IMG_8205 Karen F. Wiese, Executive Director
Karen is a seasoned professional with 34 years experience in organizational management and consulting.  Serving as the Arts Express Executive Director since 2000, Karen has successfully grown the organization’s market reach 10-fold. She has valuable lessons to share, by having “been there -done that” in all stages of company development from start-up to expansion, merger, acquisition and sale.  Throughout her career, Karen has excelled at seeing the big picture, identifying how components fit together and outlining the detail needed to exceed company goals.  An accomplished public speaker, Karen has provided thought-provoking lectures on Capitol Hill, as well as universities, national conferences and retreats.  Through the years, she successfully opened and served as president and chief executive officer of five hospitals in highly competitive markets.  Karen holds an MBA with a concentration in management and statistics and completed a hospital administration residency program.  She has a long-standing love of the arts and is jazzed to be working with Arts Express to build a better community through family-oriented productions and arts education.