Why Support the Arts?

Support a Student in Need
Eighty-six percent of the students attending the Arts Express arts education programs need financial assistance to participate.  These programs would not be possible without the support of foundations, corporate sponsors and individual donors.  Your contribution helps Arts Express provide access to the arts for every child in our community.
Student Success
  • The opportunity to perform is a powerful tool to help youth overcome fears and experience success
  • Students at risk of dropout cite participation in the arts as reasons for staying in school
  • Arts education students score higher on standardized tests
  • Arts education engenders “habits of mind” that promote critical thinking and the ability to perceive subtle differences in qualitative relationships, skills which are prized in higher education settings
Build a Better Community

Arts education promotes healthy lifestyle choices among young people, keeping students in school and fostering the completion of a college degree.  As a result, arts education has a positive impact on student wellness and achievement – ultimately strengthening our community at large!

We strive to reach the under-served, so that EVERYONE can experience the arts’ life-changing potential.  Thanks to YOUR generosity, students can (and will) reach their full potential.  Donate today and empower your community!

Arts Express is a 501 (c) 3 organization: Tax ID #86-0941657